Antuan Art

These models were created in collaboration with the Artist Antuan Rodriguez. These pieces were featured in Magazines, Books, and some were transferred to physical media and showcased at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Miami.


These models were created as a previsualization for AMC Unicomer. The goal was to assess the overall look and feel of the locations based on the initial architectural drawings provided. These works were designed in Autodesk Maya and Rendered in Mental Ray as well as Unreal Engine 4.


During my time at Ba-Haus I was asked to create these interior Renderings of a client’s estate. All furniture were taken out and materials were changed in order to protect the privacy of the client. These were created in Autodesk Maya and rendered in Lumion 8.0.


Here is a 1:1 ratio recreation of an Align T-Rex RC helicopter. This was created by measuring and recreating to exact proportions of the actual Helicopter. It was used to generate Product images as well as for 3D visualizations for menu navigation. This was rendered in Mental Ray and created in Autodesk Maya.